Libra will work with our financial specialists to implement a Solar Power Purchase Agreement. In these cases, Libra will arrange the financing to fund the initial solar system cost and build the system on the property owner's premises. We will maintain and operate the solar system for the length of the agreement. In return, the customer will buy their electricity usually at a lower, more stable price than they are currently paying. At the end of the PPA term, the customer can either purchase the solar system (at fair market value) or a new PPA can be established.
Libra has qualified and trained engineers to maintain and trouble shoots the third party manufactured products. Currently we are offering third party service for the below capacity UPS & Inverter.

  • 1 - 100 KVA Inverter
  • 1 - 200 KVA Online UPS
LIBRA is offering UPS rental from 1KVA - 200KVA UPS 1KVA to 10KVA Inverter This is ideally suitable for the organizations which need immediate UPS / inverter during transition or breakdown of existing UPS / Inverter or cannot afford to invest in a new unit.
Libra has qualified and trained engineers to do the energy audits.

  • Energy Accounting and Balancing
  • Specific Energy Consumption
  • Performance of Major Equipments
  • Study of distribution systems
  • Study of processes and operations
  • Thermography Electrical Panel
  • Power & Harmonic Analysis
  • Identification of Potential Areas
  • Provide techno-economically feasible suggestions for optimize total cost of energy
  • Energy Audit Report
  • The Data Shall Be Presented In Graphical and Tabulated Format
Libra has qualified and trained engineers to do the power audits. We can analyze the site power quality and suggest suitable solutions to customer. Our power audits are conducted using a power analyzer and we study the power conditions at the site including:

  • Voltage / Current Wave Forms
  • Real Power
  • Apparent Power
  • Reactive Power
  • Peak Currents
  • Peak Voltages
  • Harmonics Level In Current ( Thdi)
  • Harmonics Level In Voltage (Thdv)
  • Power Fluctuations Etc....
  • The Data Shall Be Presented In Graphical and Tabulated Format

  • Sizing of the plant
  • Preparation of techno-economic feasibility report
  • Measurement and verification of the design parameters
  • Design basis and detail schematics including auxiliaries and accessories
  • Projected energy generation
  • Capital costs
  • Cost of auxiliaries and accessories
  • Operation and maintenance expenses
  • Expected energy generation and savings
  • Economics including payback period, return on investment and sensitivity analysis
  • Technical evaluation of proposals & recommendations
  • Checking of design / drawing
  • Inspection
  • Supervision over erection and commissioning

  • Solar Power Plant Designing
  • Supervising for Solar Panel Frame fixing
  • Supervising for Solar Panel Fixing
  • Supervising for Solar Panel wiring
  • Supervising for Plant wiring
  • Designing for ground Earth
  • Supervising for Earth fixing
  • Training for Solar plaint

  • Application For Connectivity Of Solar Energy System (KSEB)
  • Application For Registration Of The Scheme For Solar Energy System (KSEB)
  • Application For bi direction Energy meter (KSEB)
  • Site study and Designing for Solar Power plant
  • Electrical Scheme drawing
  • Scheme approval from Electrical Inspectorate
  • Energisation certificate from Electrical Inspectorate
  • Collecting & testing bi direction Energy meter (KSEB)
  • Summiting technical details, manufactures type test report etc (KSEB)
  • Application For Power plaint testing (KSEB)
  • Net metering agreement (KSEB)
  • Grid connection approval and commissioning (KSEB)